Visions for Our Schools

  • All students felt valued
  • All students felt safe at school
  • All children entered kindergarten with a rich vocabulary
  • All teachers had a formative assessment that delivers valid and reliable screening, progress monitoring, and student growth data they need to make informed decisions
  • All parents had user-friendly data to gain a complete understanding of their students’ achievement and growth
  • All educators felt valued
  • All schools were high performing
  • All schools had strong family engagement
  • All schools had performing arts programs
  • All high schools had an innovative College & Career Center and a College & Career Coordinator
  • All schools effectively implemented Section 504, Response to Intervention, Gifted, and Restorative Justice programs
  • All schools offered mental health services
  • All high schools offered academies in Finance, Business, Agriculture, Animal Science, Early Childhood, and Science, Technology & Engineering